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Vandal Resistant Tables

Vandal resistant picnic tables are engineered to withstand intentional damage, graffiti, theft, and other acts of vandalism. Secured picnic tables are designed to prevent theft or tampering. They may feature secure anchor points for added stability and resistance to unauthorized removal. Additionally, some models offer optional locking mechanisms to secure the benches or tabletops, ensuring they remain intact and in place. These tables are built using robust materials such as heavy-gauge steel, reinforced concrete, or recycled plastic with added reinforcement. The construction focuses on strength, durability, and resistance to impact, ensuring they can endure rough treatment without sustaining significant damage. They are commonly found in public spaces, parks, urban areas, schools, transit stations, and any other location where security and protection are paramount.

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What is a vandal resistant picnic table?
Vandal resistance means that the picnic tables can not be picked up and walked away with. Typically a vandal resistant picnic table is mounted into a concrete base. We also have vandal-resistant materials that are easy to clean markers off of such as thermoplastic and plastisol. Thermoplastic picnic tables have a solid layer meaning vandals cannot peel the layer off as easily. We offer vandal resistant picnic tables in a variety of metal styles, shapes, and colors! 

What vandal resistant mounting options are available?

There are two methods of mounting your picnic table based on the frame style: In-Ground and Surface Mount. The description and specifications of the product will indicate the mounting style. 
Surface mounting is a semi-permanent solution. If you would like to leave the possibility of moving your picnic table someday, however, if vandalism is a concern then surface mounted frames are ideal. Surface mounting is great if your picnic table will be going onto a concrete surface. Surface mounting requires a steel plate to be bolted onto a concrete or asphalt surface.
In-Ground mounting is a permanent solution for areas where vandalism is a concern. In-ground mounts are used in grassy areas or are prepared to be put in a concrete pad. The installment for an in-ground mount requires the post to be set into an approximately 18" concrete poured hole. 

Vandal Resistant Picnic Tables for Sale!

In-ground and surface mount picnic tables are ideal for places where vandalism is a concern. Use a vandal resistant picnic table in a place that has 24/7 exposure to the public such as parks, campgrounds, or schools. Getting a vandal-resistant picnic table for a school means that it will be easy to clean off graffiti. Thermoplastic and plastisol make cleaning graffiti easy and are low maintenance. These picnic tables will not rot or lose their color over time! Protect your investment!