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Picnic Tables for Stadiums and Arenas

Stadiums and Arenas have discovered how perfect our picnic tables service food vendors, sports event spectators, and rest areas. All shapes and sizes are purchased from our store for your stadium or arena! Below you will find our selection of round, square, octagonal, and rectangular picnic tables. We offer many types of picnic tables that can withstand heavy public exposure such as thermoplastic, concrete, wood, aluminum, recycled plastic, fiberglass, and plastisol.

We know your project will require ADA-compliant picnic tables that allow wheelchair access. Like a good supplier, we are ready for your requests. Picnic Table Supplier offers many economical choices for your budget. Call our knowledgeable staff to find great deals to stay within your budget. We can offer a variety of companion trash cans to keep your stadium clean after big events!

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What should I consider when picking out a picnic table for a stadium?

Two things that come to mind for a picnic table in a stadium: Easy to clean and durable. For large events, it's ideal to have picnic tables that make it easy to clean after everyone leaves. Generally large groups will leave a big mess. A lot of people will be using these picnic tables over time, meaning a picnic table that can withstand that kind of use is key. We have many picnic tables that are excellent for a stadium environment. Thermoplastic and aluminum are easy to clean and will stand the test of time. Aluminum picnic tables are light enough to move if you need to accommodate a certain group of people for an event.

For more information check out our blog guide to picnic tables.