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Restaurant Picnic Tables

Picnic Table Supplier has everything you need for a restaurant whether it be fast food, food court, cafe, outdoor dining, or anywhere to eat on a picnic table! Below you will see our selection of picnic tables including many shapes and sizes. We have round, square, octagonal, and rectangular picnic tables. We offer many materials that can withstand 24/7 outdoor exposure such as thermoplastic, concrete, wood, aluminum, recycled plastic, fiberglass, and plastisol. We also have ADA-compliant picnic tables as well. As you can see, we have a variety of options to meet your restaurant needs. 

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What should I be looking for in a picnic table for my restaurant?

Consider a thermoplastic picnic table as they are easy to clean and are low maintenance. We have thermoplastic picnic tables that have a variety of colors to be able to match your restaurant business colors. Thermoplastic picnic tables come in a variety of metal styles that would complement a dining experience. If your picnic table will be on a patio, consider getting a picnic table that is impervious to weather, bugs, and heavy public use such as a concrete picnic table. If you need to fit as many picnic tables as you can in small area, consider 2 or 3 bench tables that will fit against a wall. Many states require businesses to be ADA compliant, we have a large selection of ADA compliant picnic tables that allow access for a wheelchair.