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Regal Expanded Metal Picnic Tables

picRegal expanded metal and Innovated metal style picnic tables are two very popular selections. The top and seats are made thermoplastic steel and the frames are galvanized steel. Plastic coated steel, called thermoplastic is the most popular construction for our customers.

The Regal Style

Regal metal picnic tables have thermoplastic top and seats made of a 3/4" #9 expanded metal with a diamond shaped design inside a 2" x 2" angled iron frame. The Regal Style is popular in schools, outdoor eating areas, and parks.

The Regal Innovated Style

Regal punched metal Innovated style picnic tables feature thermoplastic top and seats made of small hole (1/2") punched steel inside a 2" x 2" angle iron frame. The Regal Innovated Style can be found in business parks and corporate food courts. 

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5 year manufacturer's warranty on all thermoplastic picnic tables!

The Regal Style is our most popular thermoplastic picnic table. These picnic tables can be found in schools, food courts, national parks, local parks, and restaurants.

We also have a selection of ADA thermoplastic picnic tables in the Regal and Regal Innovated Style to be able to accommodate ADA compliance. Thermoplastic picnic tables are well known for their durability and low maintenance.