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Picnic Table by Material Type

We have the ultimate selection of commercial picnic tables for outdoor use. Our picnic tables are constructed from Thermoplastic, Plastic Coated Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Recycled Plastic, and Concrete materials for commercial use. Each material designed for outdoor use can satisfy budgets, functions, and styles. Our selection includes hundreds of commercial picnic tables in many shapes and styles. Call our friendly staff to help you find a picnic table, umbrella, and trash can for your project to stay within your budget.

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                                                             *Picnic Tables by Material Type *

Thermoplastic Picnic Tables made from commercial grade plastic coated steel with powder coated steel frames are great for the outdoors or indoors. You can find thermoplastic picnic tables on outdoor restaurant patios, in schools, parks, and poolside. See our Thermoplastic Picnic Table Budget Guide for a list of thermoplastic picnic table styles.

Since wood is an all-natural material, naturally it blends into a campground or state / national park. Our wooden picnic tables are popular because they are an economical choice. However, in this case economical does not sacrifice quality. Our wooden picnic tables are made of Southern Yellow Pine with a protective sealer that is resistant to rotting, peeling, and UV damage.

Aluminum picnic tables are yet another economical choice. Stadiums and ball parks first come to mind when thinking of aluminum picnic tables. They are light weight, durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean.

Recycled Plastic
Recycled plastic picnic tables are an outdoor environmentally and economically responsible choice. Claim the bragging rights to being a "green" company when you order a recycled plastic picnic table. You will frequently find recycled plastic on municipal or government properties.

We often suggest fiberglass picnic tables to schools because the smooth top makes an excellent writing surface for students to do homework or draw. Fiberglass for indoor/outdoor use can often be seen by poolside, since the fiberglass is resistant to water damage.

Plastisol is frequently found in parks and recreations due to their low maintenance and long life span for outdoor use. Plastisol is available in a variety of fun colors, making it a great option for children's parks.

Concrete picnic tables are the most heavy duty outdoor picnic tables you can buy. Their heavy weight deters vandalism and their construct is resistant to weather storms and heavy public use. Concrete picnic tables are typically a one time purchase, making it a great investment.


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