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Picnic Table Companions

Picnic Table Companions

"Things intended to compliment Picnic Tables". And so we compliment all picnic tables with wonderful products that work together to make the picnic dining experience enjoyable and functional. Our umbrellas are a necessary compliment with todays intense shade needs. Trash receptacles keep dining areas free of undesireable debree and ready for the next picnic. Grills....well grilling is a national pastime and one wonderful way to break bread with friends and family. 


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Companions for picnic tables gives our customers a one stop shopping experience to meet the needs for your project. We offer a variety of companion products we know you need and colors to match your school, community or business. Call our knowledgeable staff about what products you may need for your new installation, and we will help you get the best prices to stay within your budget.


All the varieties of commercial grade market and garden style umbrellas in many shapes and sizes will accommodate your needs. We have square, octagonal, and hexagonal umbrellas in 7, 9, and 11 foot sizes. All of the umbrellas make great companion products to our picnic tables. Our market umbrellas are made with heavy duty Sunbrella marine grade, solution dyed acrylic fabric that can withstand sun exposure. We also offer umbrella bases to go underneath a picnic table or freestanding to add support to your umbrella.

Trash Receptacles
We have a variety of different commercial grade trash receptacles to match your picnic table purchase. We sell matching thermoplastic, wood, and concrete trash cans and receptacles available. Planning to keep a clean propterty requires commercial trash receptacles for your project, which is why we offer a great selection. Keep your park, school, or HOA community clean!

Select your wood burning or charcoal park style grills from a wide variety. Commercial grade barbecue park grills are the standard for outdoor grilling and an excellent companion product for a picnic table! Give your customers or guests a leisurely environment for barbecue grilling and socializing with a nice place to eat. We offer a variety of commercial bbq grills for group gatherings.

 Picnic Table Frame Kits

Make your own picnic table with our complete frame kit. DYI is popular craze saves money if someone is handy and build the picnic table from a kit. I requires cutting the planks, drilling holds and bolting together. It has taken hold of almost any project you can think of as people learn new skills, save money, and enjoy the creativity of doing their own thing. So why not build a picnic table. Just google picnic table plans or kits and you might find yourself here at Picnic Table Supplier. We have a many just frame options to give you choices in the size and construction picnic table plan that makes you happy.


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