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Picnic Table Accessories

We offer a variety of picnic table accessories to prevent vandalism and add stability to your picnic table. Anchors and clamps are deterrents for theft while inhibitors are resistant to vandalism. The UBrace is a product designed to safely install umbrellas to keep them from flying away in strong winds. Call us discuss your particular concerns and we will find the right product for you. 

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What kind of vandalism is common in parks?

Many people call us with concerns about people sleeping on their picnic tables over night. For this, we have sleep inhibitors for the top or seats that goes in the middle so a person can't sleep on it. Another concern may be someone trying to pick up your picnic table and walking away with it. A portable picnic table, although heavy, could be stolen if the vandal was determined enough. We offer picnic tables in In-ground mounting and surface mounting to prevent this, however that makes the placing of the picnic table permanent. We have devices to anchor your portable table down to prevent theft yet make it so you can move it in the future if you wish.