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Municipalities Picnic Tables

Our selection of municipal picnic tables include a variety of shapes and sizes. Many municipal parks and recreation use wood, concrete or recycled plastic picnic tables that do not have a big impact on the environment. We also have a selection of ADA compliant picnic tables that allow handicap access. We have many economical choices for your budget. Call our knowledgeable staff to find great deals to stay within your municipal budget. We can offer a variety of companion products such as trash receptacles or umbrellas.

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Municipal Picnic Tables for Sale!

Consider getting a picnic table that is impervious to weather, bugs, and heavy public use such as a concrete picnic table. Many municipal properties require ADA compliance, which is why we have a large selection of ADA compliant picnic tables that allow access for a wheelchair. Choosing a durable picnic table now means buying fewer longer lasting products rather than disposable ones that need to be replaced frequently. Buying a durable picnic table might be more expensive at the time of purchase, however as the years go by without having to replace your overall cost will go down.