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Eco-Friendly Picnic Tables


We are a proud member of the GreenScapes program providing economical and environmentally friendly solutions for your project. We support preserving natural resources and preventing waste and pollution. We offer a variety of environmentally friendly solutions for your new installment. We have recycled plastic picnic tables that are made from reused material yet withstand commercial use for years. Concrete picnic tables are surprisingly eco-friendly as our concrete picnic tables are made from reused and organic materials. Our thermoplastic picnic tables are coated as lightly as possible with plastic. Additionally, no PVC is used in production to reduce that impact on the environment.

Learn how to maintain your picnic table to ensure it last years and years.

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Eco-Friendly Picnic Tables for Sale!

Focus on the 4 "Rs": Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rebuy. 

Being environmentally responsible for company may mean buying fewer longer lasting and durable products rather than disposable ones that need to be replaced and maintained frequently. Buying a durable picnic table might be more expensive at the time of purchase, however as the years go by without have to replace it your overall cost will go down. Concrete picnic tables are generally a one time purchase for a company, they very rarely need to be replaced. Look at buying a durable picnic table as a long-term investment.