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Picnic Table by Shape

Picnic Table by Shape

Round, Square, Rectangular, Octagonal, Oval

    You will find our selections for round, square, rectangle, oval and octagonal commercial picnic table designs meet your project needs. Choose your design to enhance function and shape for attractive projects with commercial grade picnic tables. Our designs offer wide selection of materials made in different table shapes includes round, square, rectangular, oval, and octagonal.


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Our professional staff understand that the shape of a picnic table affects conversation and socialization. Rectangular picnic tables are traditional in style, however, it may be difficult to carry on several conversations over a picnic due to the distance between guest. Round picnic tables or square picnic tables reduce the distance between guest giving a more vibrant interaction over a meal. Call our professional staff to learn more.

 Concrete picnic tables are easily made into shapes as the concrete is usually made from a mold. Who hasn't eaten at a McDonald's, Burger King, Checkers or any popular fast food restaurant where round concrete picnic tables welcomes customers. Our concrete picnic table manufacturer is the best in the USA and we service many businesses.

Thermoplastic picnic tables are so popular today that we can quickly forget they were invented as late as 1986 in Oklahoma by a man in the oil business. Robert Webb made expanded metal for oil rigs. When the oil industry faltered he needed another use for expanded metal. The expanded metal picnic table was born. Early on, he and his sons would travel to county fairs with the picnic table in tow behind a Honda. Little by little they got order until they became Webcoat; the supplier we use today. Many shaped picnic tables have been made and used by schools, universities, corporations, restaurants, parks and more.

Shapes of picnic tables are so important, we decided to make it easy for our customers to find just the right shape for their project. Call us Now with your questions for your project.


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