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ADA Square Picnic Tables

We offer a variety of ADA picnic tables to meet your outdoor furniture needs. The ADA-compliant picnic tables have an extended top to provide proper clearance for a wheelchair. Many businesses and schools require ADA compliance, which is why we give so many options for picnic tables. Below you will find that we offer ADA thermoplastic picnic tables, plastisol picnic tables, fiberglass picnic tables, and recycled plastic picnic tables. 

Get more information about ADA regulations here!

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ADA Compliant Square Picnic Tables for Sale!

An ADA compliant picnic table is an excellent choice for a school or business. With an ADA square picnic table, you can accommodate all of your guest's needs and can pass all requirements for your business. An ADA picnic table would be ideal for a BBQ so everyone feels welcome at the party. You will find ADA-compliant square picnic tables in HOA communities, apartment complexes, restaurants, and schools.