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ADA Rectangular Picnic Tables

Picnic Table Supplier offers the best selection of picnic tables to meet standards for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our handicap picnic tables are ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible. To meet ADA requirements a picnic table must have 24" overhang for toe clearance with a 30" x 29" clearance on the width and height. Universal Accessible picnic tables have an extended top to provide wheelchair access.

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Which mounting options are available?
There are three methods of mounting your picnic table based on the frame style: Portable, In-Ground, and Surface Mount. The description and specifications of the product will indicate the mounting style. 
A portable frame is ideal if you do not have a place to permanently install the picnic table. Portable frames are a non-permanent solution, making it possible to move the picnic table. A portable frame can sit on a flat surface without anchoring. 
Surface Mount
Surface mounting is a semi-permanent solution. If you would like to leave the possibility of moving your picnic table someday, however, if vandalism is a concern then surface mounted frames are ideal. Surface mounting is great if your picnic table will be going onto a concrete surface. Surface mounting requires a steel plate or clamps to be bolted onto a concrete or asphalt surface.
In-Ground mounting is a permanent solution for areas where vandalism is a concern. In-ground mounts are used in grassy areas or are prepared to be put in a concrete pad. The installment for an in-ground mount requires the posts to be set into an approximately 18" concrete poured hole.