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ADA Fiberglass Picnic Tables

Picnic Table Supplier offers picnic tables that meet The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. ADA Fiberglass Picnic Tables are commercial grade and low maintenance. ADA compliant picnic tables must have 24" overhang for toe clearance with a 30" x 29" width and height clearance. 

Each model number accommodates certain needs.

-SWC: Side Access Tables

-SEWC: Side Plus End Access Tables

-EWC: End Access Tables

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Fiberglass Picnic Tables for Sale!

We have a variety of Fiberglass picnic tables in many shapes and colors. Fiberglass tops have a smooth surface and a galvanized steel heavy-duty frame that is either welded or bolted. The fiberglass top provides a smooth writing surface for schools when the tables are used for writing, drawing, and eating. Fiberglass picnic tables are popular in schools for the variety of fun colors. Fiberglass picnic tables are easy to clean and maintain lasting for years of reliable service.