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ADA Thermoplastic Picnic Tables

ADA compliant picnic tables meet the standards of The Americans with Disabilities act by providing wheelchair and handicap access. Thermoplastic ADA picnic tables are made with plastic coated steel and an extended top for wheelchair access. ADA picnic tables come in a variety of metal styles, frames styles, and seating options. Many businesses require ADA compliance, and we are here to help you meet the standards! With the variety of tables we offer it makes it possible to accommodate everyone's needs and your business needs at the same time. ADA compliant thermoplastic picnic tables must have 24" overhang for toe clearance with a 30" clearance in width and 29" height. 

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Metal picnic tables are commercial quality built to withstand outdoor use. Thermoplastic coated picnic tables are great for schools, parks and restaurants. Many businesses require ADA compliance making one of these picnic tables a perfect selection. Thermoplastic picnic tables can be seen a highway rest stops and at McDonald's and Burger King. 

Is there a warranty on thermoplastic picnic tables?

Yes! All of our thermoplastic picnic tables have a 5 year manufacturer's warranty against material failure.