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ADA Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables

Recycled plastic ADA picnic tables are eco-friendly and handicap accessible. Wheelchair accessible picnic tables are now available with heavy duty recycled plastic lumber. ADA compliant recycled plastic picnic tables must have 24" overhang for toe clearance with a 30" x 29" width and height clearance. The ADA recycled plastic picnic tables allow wheelchair access on either the sides or the middle of the table. A recycled plastic ADA picnic table would be excellent for an HOA or campground with a BBQ grilling ground, that way there is room for everyone!


Each model number indicated where there is wheelchair access:


SWC: Side Access Tables

SEWC: Side Plus End Access Tables

EWC: End Access Tables

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ADA Compliant Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables

Choosing from our ADA selection gives the ability to accommodate all of your customer's needs. An ADA compliant picnic table would make a great addition to a restaurant so there is seating available for everyone. ADA picnic tables are found in schools, parks, campgrounds, HOA communities, and apartment complexes. Recycled Plastic is popular because it is built to withstand heavy duty commercial use. Recycled plastic is an economical and eco-friendly choice. Recycled plastic is a great investment as it does not rot, splinter, rust, or peel like other materials.